Loren & Matt

Wedding theme/inspiration:

The Dubai skyline, plenty of personal touches and good food were trademarks of this classically themed union, as Loren and Matt sought a wedding day that truly represented them as a couple and “not just a collection of cool things that we saw at other people’s weddings,” says Loren. “We love food and we wanted everyone to have the best dinner ever, so we worked closely with The Ritz Carlton hotel, to put together a menu of all the things we love!” Tables were set with lots of candles, simple florals, bespoke stationery and little touches carefully selected by the bride.

Favourite wedding memory:

Loren & Matt: “Our sunset beach ceremony was hard to top, but our favourite moment was as we entered the reception dinner. Seeing the set-up for the first time, with a canopy of fairy lights set against the Dubai skyline was simply magical and we shared it with all our family and friends who had travelled to be there with us.”

Our wedding advice:

Loren & Matt: "Organisation is key. Write lists and tick things off as you go along. Liesel rightly advised us not to sweat the small stuff. At the beginning it was easy to get carried away and obsess over little details that you'll realise closer to the time – and on the day – really don't matter. Enlist the help of a wedding planner, or at least an on-the- day co-ordinator. Looking back we never could have managed the venue set-up and all the suppliers. With Liesel’s help we had some much-needed downtime to relax in the hours before the ceremony."