Destination Weddings

Plan in Dubai, marry abroad

Our vision is to give you the wedding day that you’ve been dreaming of. Although the UAE offers permanent sunshine and spectacular photo opportunities, many couples living in the emirates want their wedding to be set against the backdrop of hills and mountains, rustic architecture and country air.

RYW’s Destination Wedding Service helps take the stress, uncertainty and distance out of organising an overseas wedding, by supporting couples in planning their wedding in the UAE. This means we can meet with you in person and plan everything together.

We’ve worked hard to individually source venues and suppliers that offer the same level of ‘wow-ness’ and perfection as we can offer in the UAE and developing a strong working relationship with our overseas partners to give you peace of mind. Plus we’ll travel to your chosen destination two days before the wedding to look after the set-up and last-minute details, and will leave the day after the wedding.

Choose from villas in Tuscany, vineyards in Cape Town, or perhaps even tea plantations in Sri Lanka...