Jozen & Jeremiah

The Middle East has always been special to both Jozen & Jeremiah. Jeremiah grew up in the UAE and for Jozen, both her parents spent most of their lives working there. Since they were celebrating with an intimate circle of family and friends and most of them will be visiting Dubai for the first time, why not celebrate their wedding that the Middle East is most known for? the desert!  


Their theme was Arabian with a rustic feel but still reflecting the elegance of Arabian patterns and designs. There colour scheme was Desert Sage, Cadmium Orange and Aged Bronze.


Jozen ­– when Jeremiah was reading his vows to me and in front of everyone else. My husband doesn’t usually talk but when he does his words hold so much meaning and significance.  It just touches my heart so much. Another one was when the guests were having fun during cocktail hour and taking so many pictures with the camels! Seeing our guests enjoy themselves was one of the things that made all that wedding prep worth it.

Jeremiah – when Jozen was walking down the aisle to me and the music started playing. I was about to cry and everything and everyone else faded away at that moment. I was just so overwhelmed with emotions and nothing else mattered at that moment but her. Also just seeing all our loved ones just really enjoy themselves at the reception.


Get a good wedding planner and communicate thoroughly to bring your vision to life (it also doesn’t hurt to have pinterest boards for inspiration!). Be in the present and enjoy such a wonderful day with your loved ones.